Monday, November 30, 2015

*NEW SERIES* The Love You Left Behind!!!

I am so so so so SO excited to announce my next series.

These four books will be novellas - shorter stories that are all independent but interconnected - that are very loosely based on my love story with my husband.

Here's the synopsis!

Jay Shumaker has spent the last fifteen years in the Army. His tours overseas have shaped him into the kind of man who is used to being alone. After two unsuccessful marriages, he’s resigned himself to the single life. He’s so committed to his life in the service that he’s agreed to another deployment – this time to Istanbul, Turkey, where he’ll be imbedded on a experimental mission.

Kimberly Fisher has it all – a successful life as a college professor and a half dozen publications to boot. However, her marriage is essentially over, despite her best intentions. Her husband, Mason Fisher, is wealthy, ambitious, and completely preoccupied with his own professional career. He and Kimberly haven’t had a romantic life in years – not to mention the fact that Mason’s wandering eye hasn’t escaped her notice.

Kimberly and Jay are two people whose paths never would have crossed if it weren’t for one thing – their fifteen-year high school reunion. Jay chooses to attend with his buddy at the last minute. Kimberly decides to go alone after Mason bails on her once again. At the hotel lobby, the two former classmates see each other and are catapulted back in time – back to a time where they had a scorching sexual encounter a few days prior to their high school graduation.

Kimberly and Jay are drawn together as though by a magnetic force. They spend the weekend discovering how much they’ve both changed in the last fifteen years – and yet, how much they’ve stayed the same. They know that this weekend might be the only chance they get to have to be together and they take advantage of that time with gusto. The problem? Well, one weekend together just might not be enough.

And here are the covers!

Sexy, right???

I can't wait to share these books with the world! Stay tuned for January for the first release!

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